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Testimonials - IISM A-Levels
  • MOU Signing Ceremony between IIUM Lower Education and IIUM ( KOED & CFS)

Omar Javed
Class of 2014
After completing my IGCSE here at IISM, I immediately joined its Cambridge A-Level program. My high expectations were certainly met by the extremely friendly and dedicated teachers around me. My peers were very helpful and easy to interact with. Having a small student body was an advantege for us, as the teachers were able to pay extensive attention to every single one of us.

Throughout my course, I was exposed to a variety of opportunities to display my strengths and mend my weaknesses. Countless social and cultural events made college life enjoyable, although our academic achievement was made first priority. Quranic and Islamic classes provided me with the spiritual strength I needed to succeed. I was encouraged to be creative and think out of the box, which ultimately changed my outlook on life. I have no regrets studying in this institution, and everything I learnt here, whether academic or moral, will forever remain engraved within me.

Hudhaifah Zahid
Class of 2014
At IISM(A) we're given a chance to define ourselves. Packed with opportunities and a healthy positive environment, we learn from each other and develop towards achieving the best. Here, I turned a 'D'-grade into an 'A'. Here, I see the current state of the Ummah, and with friends, try to improve it.

Aini Atirah Amirludin
Class of 2014
In Malaysia, I used to attend a multiracial school. But now in IISM, it is a multinational school and I feel very lucky to have friends from various parts of the world. Plus, it is more fun and exciting because I am able to learn different cultures and languages from them. They are friendly and I am able to get along with them in a short time. We are different individually, but same as a whole since we share the same faith. To be able to build a strong ukhuwah among all of us is very significant and I am very grateful to Allah to have them as my friends.

Ammar Shapiee
Class of 2014
IISM is the best place to further your studies in A-level. At IISM, as a Malaysian student I can feel the international environment here as the community is made up of many races around the world. Here I can improve my communication skill and my English language as all of the students use English as the lingua franca. Being in a multiracial community is a way to improve your social skills that you will never get from any other places. IISM provides the best and conducive place to study as the students can freely have a discussion with the teachers when they encounter any academic problem. The strong bond among the students and the teachers make us just like a big family. IISM also provides a great accommodation made convenient for us. As a muslim, IISM trains me to be a successful person in this world and hereafter. For me IISM is a very special place to get knowledge and how to use it and serve the ummah.

Qonita Samiyati
Class of 2014
A-levels has been tough for me. But with the never-ending support from the teachers and classmates that are always there when I need a helping hand, I find it easier to push myself to do my best. A-levels has also taught me a skill that I believe will help me for my future days in the University: be organized. I learned to keep my works neat, construct myself a timetable at home and prioritizing which assignments come first.
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